Bush Rolls Out Greenhouse Reduction Goals – Crtics Do Their Best to Disincentivize Similar Moves


What's the adage? Ohhhh I remember: "You get more bees with honey than vinegar."

To borrow (read: steal) from McCain, I consider myself to be a "common sense" Conservative and I have always agreed with his take on climate change – if we take steps to improve our environment and there is no such thing as Global Warming (or Cooling take your pick) then we have bettered the landscapes we view and air that we breath.

Makes sense to me that – so long as we are sensible in our approach and don't torch our economy in the process – its the best thing to do.

My credentials as a quasi-moderate on the issue now firmly in place I have to say that the reaction of groups liek the Sierra Club in instances like this baffles and irritates me.

When you berate someone to take action on something, is it just me or should you not – at the very least – praise them for taking steps in the right direction? It is such a basic tenet of human interaction that I just don't understand how they miss it – do they really expect President Bush to issue a follow up statement tomorrow that says "After considering the comments of the Sierra Club and other environmental interest groups I have decided they are right. I am pleased to announce a new plan that doubles the goals and halves the time frame"?????

Let me be the first to say that I appreciate President Bush's move to better our environment (while ensuring we don't lay waste to our economy in the process).

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