GWB First POTUS To Twitter…Sort Of

TechRepublican post on a story that caught my eye yesterday in Twitterland. Turns out its POTUS but not POTUS just like Obama twittering is Obama but not really Obama.

As usual we will be a few years late to the game in campaign world. I mean – its good that they are at least attempting to use them but it is also kind of frustrating when it becomes obvious that they only view apps like Twitter as just one of a million different delivery systems for that day’s talking points.

To me setting up a Twitter account and updating with messages like “going to be in Philadelphia today” has the reverse effect – its obvious that someone other than the candidate is writing the messages so instead of becoming a tool that allows the candidate to create a more personal bond with a particular audience it reinforces their preconception that candidates are little more than cold and calculating machines.

I’m not saying that candidates need to post constantly throughout the day but think of what an impact it would have on your particular audience if after an event you posted a note expressing appreciation for the kind words mr. X said to you, etc?

I am sure plenty disagree with me and think that Twittering is just a distracting waste of time – they’re just wrong.

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