I Tweet Because I Am…

…curious and thirsty for knowledge.

Have been referred to a couple of great blog posts explaining why people use Twitter so I figured I would throw my hat in the ring as well.

Now just the slightest chance that some of the people I follow on Twitter may read this has me a bit embarrassed to admit it but my entre into the crazy, three-ringed world of social media’s cutting edge began just a few weeks ago when I finally got around to setting up a Facebook account. I consider myself as someone fairly aware of the latest developments in technology but I have to say that I was completely floored by the dynamic nature of Fbook and the myriad of apps and activities available to further facilitate social interaction.

The epiphany that there was so much more to social networking apps than what I had experienced through LinkedIn and MySpace (used LinkedIn alot, MySpace was more of a placeholder since I move quite a bit) lead me on a, information binge that eventually intersected with Guy Kawasaki and Alltop.com. I immediately fell in love with Alltop as my own personal window into the veritable smoke-filled back rooms of the new media elite. Sure I could spend hours and hours scouring the web and trying to decipher which individuals and blogs truly had a handle on where social networking technology was heading and which individuals had no idea what they were talking about, but accessing a list of the sources of information trusted by the new media vanguard just seemed so much easier.

I knew a couple of people who Twittered but I didn’t really get it until I began looking at Alltop’s  Twitterati section and then it hit me – with Twitter I am essentially able to shadow individuals who possess information I want to learn or simply fascinate or interest me.

I know that I have not even scratched the surface and look forward to refining the ways in which I utilize Twitter and other social networking tools but one thing is for sure – as many of the other “why I Twitter” posts have said – life will never be the same!

One Response to “I Tweet Because I Am…”

  1. Adam DesAutels Says:

    Twitter is really taking off!

    Great Post!


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