My Independence Day Wish

Today is the United States of America’s birthday. I am going to forgo the part where I gush about what a wonderful country the U.S.A. is and how blessed I feel to have been born here – you will get enough of that during your History Channel binge today.

As an inanimate object, my country not able to submit the wish it has coming to it so I am going to arrogantly stand in the gap on its behalf. For my friends from other countries I ask that you mold my surrogate birthday wish so that it can apply to your interactions with those of us here.

My wish is simple (and, unfortunately, rife with cliche): disagree without being disagreeable, argue passionately for your view but always remember that it is possible to see a different solution to the same problem.

We live in an imperfect world – some have been unable to rid themselves of ignorant xenophobic or racist tendencies, others despise the country that has given them more than it has ever taken. In neither case are these individuals representative of the whole.

If I, as a Republican, turn a deaf ear to your thoughtful concerns and dismiss them as the errant and biased ramblings of a naive, unpatriotic, liberty despising communist I do us both a disservice – myself because I have lost the opportunity to learn and you because I have ignorantly forced you into a ideological corner inwhich you probably do not belong.

If you, in turn, sweep aside my considerations, labeling me a “neocon” or member of the “Radical Right” bent on legislating morality and eviscerating individual rights through fear mongering, you do the same.

I’ll end with an offer – it is easy to misappropriate the intentions of those who maintain values different from our own – if you consider yourself liberal and, as such, believe that those of us on the other side of the ideological divide bear nothing but contempt for the rest of mankind I invite you to come visit me in DC. We will have drinks with staff members from various parts of the Bush Administration from the White House to the Pentagon to the Department of Homeland security so that you can see that they don’t fit neatly into the Neocon, Hyper-conservative categories you would like to cram them into.

I’m doing my part to better the quality of debate in our beloved country – will you?


6 Responses to “My Independence Day Wish”

  1. Michael Says:

    Great comments. I wish everyone who took part in a political debate on FriendFeed or other social media venue heeded your advice and words of wisdom, myself included. Happy Independence Day!

  2. Aaron Brazell Says:

    Good stuff. Can I come to Washington too? 🙂

    Happy Fourth, Marco!

  3. Shey Says:


    Wouldn’t it be great if both sides could do this? There’s too much political polarity and not enough dual tolerance.

    Great post Marco

  4. aureliusmaximus Says:

    @aaron lol anytime

    @Shey 1. Congrats again on graduation! 2. thanks – agree, so much of it is due to a lack of exposure to those who disagree with our points of view – the ability to find and interact with a variety of individuals through social media truly has the power to help bridge those divides.

  5. Paul Says:

    Man you make some good points and I am guilty of it myself. This is some very good advice that that I will try to heed in the future when I am on the verge of a rant. 🙂

  6. Tsudohnimh Says:

    I really appreciate finding someone else that reminds us that at the end of the day we all want the same thing. A safe and prosperous future for us and our children. We may disagree on the methods to bring about that future but we don’t help this country be demonizing one another.

    I enjoy your blog and friendfeed. Keep up the good work.

    My Tumblr post excerpting a quote of your piece,

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