One Question To Rule Them All

Yea, I know, I should be beaten for such a horribly unpunny title (oops).

You figure out the “why” and the rest will follow.

I feel unbelievably fortunate that someone introduced me to that concept many years ago – as I have tried to make it a central part of my approach to life I have seen its power. I have also seen how easy it is to stop one-step shy of the uncovering the final (real) “why.”

I have been thinking alot about the Republican Party, what has brought us to the place we currently find ourselves and how we move forward. I believe that most if not all of the explanations and solutions fail to uncover the actual “why” and as a result are destined to yield less than optimal results at best.

As I become more and more enthralled with all of the developments within Digital/New/Social Media I see a similar pattern as many “experts” fail to grapple with why these tools work in lieu of the verbal equivalent of a dazzling light show.

There are a number of people out there who achieve a great deal of success without ever bothering to understand the “why.” These individuals are talented and masterful executors of  the things they have been taught and while they are rewarded with varying degrees of wealth and respect they will never max out their abilities and will always be reliant on others to teach them newer and better ways.

There is also a small group of individuals throughout the world who, for whatever reason, each find themselves drawn and dedicated to the discovery of the most basic “why” they can find. These are the ground breakers, the game changers and the history makers.

Just a quick reminder (probably more for me than anyone else) that, in order to achieve the optimal level of performance in any given endeavor, you have to start by figuring out the “why” first.

What about you?

Are you merely executing what you have been taught or are you mentally or physically breaking down whatever it is that you do until you reach that final “why?”


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