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And Then Sometimes We just Watch…

May 6, 2008

It just occurred to me that one thing has been largely missing in the whole gas tax holiday hubbub…US.

Interesting, no? You get the sense that our collective consciousness is attuned to the fact that it is a gesture containing no real benefits other than to garner our good will.

I haven’t seen any anti-tax groups making a big push to help the idea gain momentum or anti-anti-tax groups furiously compiling and releasing statistics on how many school children will go without lunch as a result of the lost revenues (yes, yes, I know the gas tax money goes to road construction, etc – I’m taking creative license here).

All I have seen are candidates floating the idea, the media working as hard as they can to make some kind of story out of it (“Not even conservative economists agree with McCain”, “Not even Paul Krugman agrees with Hilary”) and We, the People, sitting on the sidelines with a bemused smile on our faces, elbowing each other with a quick “Awwwwww, they’re trying to connect with us.”

Its cute.


The Race to Screw Up Least

April 17, 2008

Will be highly surprised if anything ground breaking comes out of tonight’s debate. Unfortunately the race devolved into a strategic tightrope act which means the platitudes will keep on coming.

The more time that goes by the less I believe the whole ‘change’ for D’s vs ‘security’ for R’s narrative. Too many things just don’t add up for it to be true – it’s a jacked-up race and I think it is the only thing that voters or pundits have been able to latch on to.

I want to look at a couple of things before I can determine whether I am completely off my rocker or not.