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Obama is going to break the internet(s)

June 18, 2008

Had dinner with a friend last night – at some inevitable point we began discussing the online chasm that currently (<- attempted optimism) exists between McCain and Obama and he shared this interesting piece of information: When the Obama campaign wants to send an email out to its list of supporters it has to dedicate everyone of its servers (with “its” meaning the company they use to do these things) to the process along with THREE HOURS. Apparently that’s how long it takes to send out 15 million emails.

Rumor has it that the Obama campaign began sending out a blast email right before the and Firefox outages (just kidding).


Free NIN Album – Gotta Love the Paradigms of a New Age

May 8, 2008

Reznor has been an active participant in his own experiments to leverage the new communication mediums of the web to connect with NIN fans.

If access to free full length albums won’t deepen the pools of love I don’t know what will…

The Downside to the Democratization of Information

May 6, 2008

UPDATE: A post titled: “The involuntary redundancy of A list blog sites” from just came across my FriendFeed tangentially discussing what I wrote about below:

There are a couple of interesting issues brewing with regards to the democratization of information on the web.

It cannot be disputed that the web generally and apps like Digg specifically have exponential democratized the sharing of information on the web. Theoretically, By allowing users to see which stories and web sites garner the highest ratings we are able to sift through the overwhelming amount of information on the web in hopes of highlighting the best and ignoring the rest.

Like pure democracy in the political sense this process has begun to display its weaknesses. As the number of individuals contributing their take increases, so has the popularity of sites with inane stories and pictures of cute cats. This has given rise to a new wave of more republican (not in the ideological sense) applications and sites like (an extension of already established sites like Drudge Report).

One of the biggest benefits of tools like Twitter and Friend Feed is that it allows me to follow individuals who have proven themselves to be thought leaders in fields that I am interested in. As a result I am able to expose myself to the sources of information they deem most credible and also gain insight into certain topics by way of their comments.

Don’t get me wrong – I am not saying the democratization of information is a bad thing. I just find it interesting that more and more tools are popping up that tame the excesses.